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3rd Apr 2018

Password Protected Release Pages πŸ”’

Keep your release notes private by adding a password to your Release Page!

  • Features

    Password Protection

    • Release Pages now have password protection! A password protected page will only be visible to visitors you share your password with. You can change this setting or update the password by editing your Release Page any time via the management portal πŸ‘‡


  • Features

    Password Protection

    • Not ready to share your release notes with the world just yet? You can now set a password on your Release Page πŸ‘


    Company Details

    • You can now add your business address, email, and VAT number on the plans page


28th Feb 2018

Achievements and Bugfixes πŸ₯‡

Get rewarded for keeping on releasing from Lucr!

  • Features


    • Added a new flag for special case sample pages
  • Features

    πŸ₯‡Achievements πŸ₯‡

    You can now get rewarded for releasing! Head on over to Lucr ( and sign up with the same email you use for ReleasePage.


    • Updated the style customisation help text to make it clearer which styles will be used where


    • Only allow coupons to be applied to paid plans
    • Prevent a negative cost showing after applying a coupon
    • Security improvements for billing
    • Took care of a couple of spelling mistakes in emails πŸ™ˆ
  • Features

    • Links to your Release Page will now unfurl in social media post and in Slack. More release information at a glance! πŸ€“
  • Changes

    • New pricing plans! Open source projects are now free for everyone! 😍
    • Improved the coupon system to pave the way for a referral scheme.
    • Implemented a more progressive GitHub permission flow based on your feedback! Now we wont ask to see your private repos unless you want us to! πŸ‘€ You can read more about this on our support forum.
  • Changes

    • We now redirect users from our Release Page URL to your custom domain if you've set one up

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the subscribe button styling being weird on the compact theme when there is a long description
    • Fixed a problem clearing the page cache causing the server to make a fuss πŸ€•
    • Fixed a bug where unsubscribed users could not subscribe to the same Release Page a second time
  • Features

    • You can now enable SSL for your Release Page πŸ”’
    • Added a new subscriber email substitution %release_body% which can be used to include the release content in the email πŸ’



    • Added discount coupons to billing! 🎟
    • Added transparency indicator to the pages list & details images
    • Added option to prevent subscriber emails being sent when a new release is published (subscribers can still be collected)


    • Fixed a bug creating Release Pages where sometimes we wouldn't tell you when a Release page URL or Custom Domain was already in use πŸ™ˆ
    • Updated the badge Add-on to use your custom domain if you've set one up
  • Features


    Visitors to your Release Page can now see a subscribe button to sign up for email notifications of new releases. If you use semver then they will be able choose which types of update to receive! πŸ’Œ



    • Added the Release Page description text to the compact theme
    • Overall performance improvements 🏎
    • Improvements to error messages (though hopefully you wont see them! πŸ˜‰)

    Bug Fixes 🐝

    • Fixed the release tag name sometimes using two lines and making the release look lopsided πŸ‘€
  • Features

    • Support performing actions (like sending emails to subscribers) when we receive a new release from GitHub

    Bug Fixes 🐝

  • Features


    • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect rate limit for some people πŸ™ˆ


    • Improved memory usage, now everything should be smoother and faster! πŸš€
    • API keys can now also be sent as an HTTP header, improving authentication security
    • Improved warning and error reporting
  • Features


    New options add a Subscribe button to your Release Page, allowing visitors to get email notifications of new releases. Just enable subscribers in the settings panel! πŸ¦„


    The new Subscriptions panel shows you how many subscribers your Release Page has...


    ...and you can customise the email that will be sent to subscribers when a new release is published ✨



    • Removed mentions that Subscriptions are "coming soon" πŸ‘
    • Updated account page to show how much of your repository and subscriber plan limits have been used
    • You can now view or edit a Release Page directly from the Release Page details panel (just click the dropdown button πŸ‘‡)


    Bug Fixes πŸ€’

    • Fixed a bug creating Release Pages where sometimes we wouldn't tell you when a Release page URL was already in use
    • Fixed some styling bugs that made some buttons look weird
    • Fixed the date tooltip on the History Panel spilling out of it's container πŸ™ˆ


12th Apr 2017

The public API is now available

  • Features

    • Added first public API routes for versions and badges.

    Version /pages/:pageId/version

    Badges /pages/:pageId/badge.svg

  • Features

    • New Add-ons tab in the Release Page details page allows access to advanced API features.


    Show off your Release Pages on GitHub with a shiny badge ✨

    You can set this up for any of your ReleasePage's through the Add-ons tab.

    Official API Libraries

    We have built two libraries with our brand new Public API


    Show customisable ReleasePage version numbers anywhere.

    screen shot 2017-04-12 at 18 08 06


    Show a popup or reload your website when there is version change in your app.


    Community Add-ons

    Take a look at our documentation and build your own add-ons! Any submissions will earn free account credit πŸ€‘


26th Mar 2017

We are out of beta! πŸŽ‰

Another huge thank you to all of our beta users and testers. This release brings you an updated Release Page list, new in depth Release Page details, and introduces a free trial and revised plans.

  • Features

    • Support the hard-refresh option for individual repositories to force them to re-sync with GitHub if required (why?)
    • Added actions to support the new free trial behaviour
    • Release Pages will now be un-published if users account is cancelled from non-payment
  • Features β˜€οΈ

    Updated Release Page list

    The publish Release Page button is now always visible for unpublished pages, and clicking an item now takes you to the new details page βš™οΈ


    New Release Page details page

    A new Summary panel shows the status of the selected Release Page, and provides a simple way to see if any of your repositories have fallen out-of-sync with GitHub


    The History panel shows details of all the operations that are performed on a Release Page, and their outcome. Each item can also be clicked to show more information.


    In case any problems occur, Release Pages can now be rebuilt & repositories re-synced from GitHub using the Destroy panel (why?).

    New free trial & updated plans

    Every new customer receives a 14 day free trial of the Premium plan, and we've given our pricing structure a complete overhaul (see our new plans page).


    • Only published pages now count towards plan usage limits (you can still create, edit, and preview as many Release Pages as you like without publishing them)
    • You can now request a new account verification email in case the first one is lost
    • We've improved errors and warnings across the entire app
    • The layout option to group releases which use (grouped directives) has been changed to false by default

    Bug Fixes πŸ›

    • Fixed as issue where unverified users could publish Release Pages
    • Fixed an issue with the GitHub token could be incorrect if GitHub requested re-authentication
    • Fixed an issue where we were not showing the correct problem when entering invalid card details
    • Fixed a problem when trying to verify the email of a user who is not logged in
    • Fixed a problem with users sometimes being redirected to the wrong page when logging in.


22nd Feb 2017

A big thank you to all of our beta users and testers. Included in this release are various cosmetic fixes and the ability to easily create sample Release Pages directly from our homepage

  • Bug Fixes 🐞

    • Fixed an issue when empty release notes were sometimes causing issues with the parsing or page rendering
    • Fixed the GitHub link alignment for the compact theme
    • Fixed the pre-release label styling for Release Pages with a dark secondary colour
    • Fixed an issue when some release notes were not being sanitised correctly and were upsetting the page rendering
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue caused by trying to create an existing GitHub hook
  • Features

    • You can now create temporary sample Release Pages with real data straight from our homepage, allowing you to see what your Release Page could look like before signing up πŸŽ‰

    Bug Fixes πŸ‘Ύ

    • Fixed a bug with organisations which have no repositories, or no repositories the user can access
    • Fixed an issue where the repositories would load in the incorrect order when switching organisations too quickly during Release Page creation


    • Improved organisation and repository selection on the Release Page creation
  • Features

    • Two initial themes created; hero and compact πŸ–
    • Three directives included for each theme; title, description, grouped
    • Preview themes from Management Portal app πŸ”
    • Update theme colours 🎨, logo, titles, from Management Portal app
    • Each page supports custom Google analytics πŸ“ˆ
    • Custom domains
  • Features

    • Supports the Management Portal by performing all interactions with GitHub βš™οΈ
    • Parses the three directives included for each theme; title, description, grouped
  • Features

    • User login with Github Auth πŸ˜ƒ
    • Account deactivation flow
    • Release Page management
      • Creation, edit, deletion
      • Two initial themes to choose from
      • Theme colours, logo, title, description 🎨
      • Preview
      • Custom domains
    • Plan management
      • Choose between three paid plans
        • All plans use discount while in beta period πŸ’΅
      • Add/remove card details πŸ’³
    • Mixpanel integration
    • Intercom integration πŸ’¬
    • Documentation & help center❓